In Their Own Words

Our Precious Stones have stories that will melt your heart, make you cry, make you laugh but most importantly they will give you a glimpse into the lives of the children who have been so adversely affected by the HIV pandemic. We hope you will visit this space often as we highlight each of our Precious Stones.

Prisca's story like many others will move you and if anything, will encourage you to be grateful for the blessings you have. Prisca (17) has taken up more responsibilities than that taken by most of us as adults. At 15 years old she was thrown into parenthood after her parents died and she assumed the responsibility of head of household to two brothers, 11 and 13 years old. Read more

“If AIDS doesn’t kill me, I want to be a teacher.” “I knew right away, my life was never going to be the same”, is a cliché that we hear when one’s path is crossed by something or someone. When I met Ruva, my spirit confirmed that cliché for me. Sitting at one of the run-down desks in the classroom with her head to the side and halfway facing down, almost so as not to be noticed, Ruva caught my attention. I had asked the kids to write down their dreams on paper... Read more