The ripple effects of the HIV epidemic are countless, but the one that is of utmost concern to the Dangwa Initiative is the myth in which HIV positive men believe that if they have sex with a virgin they get cured of the deadly disease. Not only is it despicable, it is barbaric and criminal to say the least.

Unfortunately, because of the vulnerability of orphans who have lost the covering and protection of their parents they become easy prey to these men.

The two part goal of our campaign is:

  1. Raise awareness and debunk the myth, "sex with a virgin cures AIDS"
  2. Raise the monetary resources needed to provide food, education, health and economic empowerment for AIDS orphan girls living in rural communities.

With a small sacrifice of $5 per month you can send a child to school; build a community's capacity to take care of its vulnerable members and provide seed grants for self-sustaining projects.

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