Virtual Orphanage

"It takes a village" is not just a cliché, it is the way of life in Zimbabwe.

A child in Zimbabwe is a community responsibility, any adult can and will encourage, mentor or even discipline a child. When a family finds itself unable to care for its children, members of the community come together and provide the needed assistance. That has always been the way of being until crisis hit the young country. HIV, unemployment, unstable government and a drastically deteriorating economy are only a glimpse of what Zimbabwe is dealing with.

With many parents dying of HIV/AIDS at an alarming rate, Zimbabwe carries the highest burden of AIDS orphans in the world - 1.3 million. This crisis has left communities with very limited resources to step-in to take care of the vulnerable.

Recognizing that the sheer number of orphans rules out traditional charitable or institutional models of care, Dangwa Initiative created the Virtual Orphanage. Our model is designed to reinforce the communities who are already caring for the orphaned children in their midst. We bring the resources to the rural communities and partner with them to build their capacity instead of removing the children and placing them in traditional orphanages which are often located in cities far away from the villages.

To see how our Virtual Orphanage model works, please click here.