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Shona Sculpture, unique contemporary art.

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About Shona Stone Sculpture
The Shona tribe, from Zimbabwe, Africa, is famous for their skill in transforming stone into beautiful works of art. Each work of art is created using simple hand tools and the skills handed down by generations. The stone sculptures produced by these artists display great individuality of form and content. Each piece is an original and an investment for the educated collector. In Shona Sculpture the artist expresses the fundamental relationships between the two guiding forces in Shona life - the visible physical world and the unseen spiritual world that exists in all cultures.

Using only hand tools, Shona artists carve their works of art from verdite, serpentine stone and other materials indigenous to the Sub-Saharan region. The sculptures made today are not very different from those made more than 1000 years ago; they achieve the same delicate balance and employ similarly masterful lines. After quarrying the raw stone with hatchets, the sculptors use crude chisels to "release" the spirit trapped in the stone. Next, they polish the stone with sand and beeswax. Finally, they heat it on a fire to bring out the brilliant colors.

These remarkable sculptures have established their success in communicating directly and powerfully to a varied and demanding international public who appreciate world heritage and African culture. The Shona School has been developing since the 1960's and, “Is perhaps the most important new art form to emerge from Africa during this century”, noted Ray Wilkinson, Newsweek Magazine 1993. Many Zimbabwean sculptors have gained world acclaim and actively exhibit internationally. They have exhibited their work in many prestigious exhibitions such as the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Studio Museum of Harlem, Chicago Art Expo, Cleveland Museum, the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Denver Botanic Gardens. Zimbabwe Stone Sculptures are often compared to the works of Picasso, Brancusi and Modigliani. Some evidence has surfaced that this African art influenced Picasso with its simple yet powerful imagery. Shona art is slowly but surely taking its place in the International art industry. Exhibitions are now found all over the world and in the United States at places like O’Hare Airport Chicago; Hartsfield Airport Atlanta, GA, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City; Rodin Museum in Philadelphia, PA; and the homes of the Rockefellers, the Prince of Wales and Sir Richard Attenborough.

The beauty of this form of art is that it caters for all societies - from the well educated art collectors to companies/corporations who wish to diversify their lobby collections with unique art to individuals who entertain and use the art as conversational pieces or just for home decorations and personal enjoyment. Buying Shona art is a great alternative for traditional donors who are seeking other non-traditional forms of giving back to the community or support a cause. Shona art also makes a perfect unique gift for loved ones.

All artwork is for sale, please contact me for details!