Project Educate!

School Supplies Drive
Zimbabwe used to boast the highest literacy rate in Africa and the strongest education system on the continent. Sadly, that system has suffered from the political and economic setbacks in the past decade. Textbooks in particular have been scarce until recently when UNICEF, EU and British Council donated a significant amount to be distributed to schools. Although the Ministry of Education promised to distribute the books fairly throughout the country, history has taught us the children in rural setting usually get the short end of the stick. Dangwa Initiative bridges that gap for the rural communities we serve.

With the help of US schools, community individuals, churches and companies who donate textbooks; library books; computers;* clothes; shoes, school supplies; backpacks; shipping funds, we shipped a 40 ft container to Chivhu Zimbabwe end of 2009. This container provided supplies for 9 primary schools and 6 secondary schools. Although the supplies seemed like a lot, due to the dismal situation in these schools, there is need to continue sending supplies therefore this year, 2011, we will be sending another in February.

With adequate supplies and teacher materials, morale can be boosted and enrollment increase to give hope and a better future. To donate any of these items and more, please contact us.